Habits That Aggravate Anxiety

Are you among those who maintain their mobile phones switched on by the bedside when sleeping? Do you wake up at odd hours since you always feel that there’s an update on the phone, a new mission from a random message for a dinner date? If this be the case, you’re disrupting something more delicate than your sleeping, your body-brain ecosystem.

It’s been observed in studies which the electromagnetic waves from a switched on cellular can be painful for a individual, especially while sleeping through the night. When one doesn’t get sufficient rest, their body’s fight-or-flight response mechanism responsible for feeling fear and risk aggravates, resulting in anxiety, panic attacks and anxiety.

The expanding role of Possum Removal Cost technology and social networking in everyday life has unexpectedly increased the risk of developing anxiety disorders. With no opportunity to take a rest from the hectic schedule, individuals develop numerous unhealthy lifestyle practices. Some of these risk factors are discussed below:

Preoccupation with social media – Apart from the predominance of smartphones, the preoccupation with social media or social networking websites (SNSs) is one the substantial factors responsible for sparking anxiety attacks. Folks develop the inclination of competing with each other according to their upgrades. Because of the desire to look the best and current their life as a fairytale, users become overly obsessed with the amount of likes, thumbs-ups, etc..

So, while someone may be drinking coffee to boost productivity and lessen anxiety, it might prove counterproductive rather. Tea – herbal or green – is a far better alternative to coffee. But, one should be cautious even in the event of tea about the quantity and frequency of ingestion.

Somebody who’s dedicated to their work and systematically finishes it in time, feels great at the end of the day. This guarantees mental peace and happiness. To the contrary, someone who works late hours feels panicky, particularly when the deadline approaches. This raises heartbeat, sweating, etc. because of the activation of this defense mechanisms.

Imbalance in behavior – Though procrastinators suffer from chronic stress, the opposite is true also. The perfect way to live is to try to find a balance between the two.

Individuals that are too busy working and earning money stand vulnerable to all kinds of anxiety disorders and depression. Since human beings are social creatures, they should participate with their near and dear ones, coworkers and friends to feel complete and fair. Additionally, when one speaks, there’s a significant decrease in stress and anxiety levels. The past studies reveal that senior citizens are more likely to experience emotional and mental well-being when surrounded by more buddies.

Hunt happiness, not loneliness

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental disorders affecting the American people. Although the origins of psychiatric disorder are from the fear of the unknown or the known, other variables like psychosocial environment, childhood conditioning, existence of a former mental health condition, etc. considerably increase the threat. While factors such as childhood conditioning and psychosocial environment can’t be altered, it’s possible to do away with certain undesirable activities which could aggravate anxiety.

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