One Pound Houses

The least expensive street in Britain. On Wednesday I saw a documentary on Liverpool’s housing scheme – the chance to obtain a dilapidated house to get a pound and do it up. This sounds like a fantastic idea for those fighting to get on the housing-ladder, and lots of families had accepted the offer and were renovating their properties.

However a few issues came to light. Since the area that the houses were in was a run down district, there was lots of offense, Possum Removal Cost vandalizing as well as shootings, which was terrifying for the new residence. There were just a few sales amid rows of vacant houses.

The council had seemingly had 2500 enquiries for the possessions, why could not they move quicker at getting more households in thus creating a flourishing community of like-minded people working hard in renovating their houses. A greater occupancy would likely lower vandalism.

Another problem that the new buyers had, was that their lack of the skill-set necessary to fix rooves, flooring and completely renovating a shell. The job clearly had to be completed to a high standard and the new buyers were working to a small budget and doing as much of their work as possible; also occasionally their job was being destroyed by vandalism.

Selling the homes for renovation could bring in council tax.

Homes would be supplied.

The area would be tidied up and enhanced with new residents taking pride in their possessions.

An improved discipline, after everybody had moved in, less crime.

It seems to me with a few tweaks the strategy could create a win-win solution. By selling say 50 homes a month in due course the revenue from council tax might be:

50 homes X100 CT = #5000 a month. Which is not being provided whilst homes are empty!

If council tax was halved for the first 6 weeks whilst the homes were renovated and tuition/support offered from a group of vetted builders, also doing work at a subsidised rate, this could encourage more people to buy, and the uptake will be quicker.

A thriving community would immediately develop, reduced crime in the region, some housing deficit fulfilled and earnings form council tax for the future.

My name is Anne I don’t typically write about society/news events but home is such a issue currently.

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